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Thomas Thorley                                                 Ann Blum Alldridge


The story behind the Iron Gate Inn started when Englishmen, Thomas Thorley, was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, on October 29, 1829. Unknown when he exactly arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah; he married Ann Blum Alldridge, also born in England, on September 21, 1861. Fifteen months later, on November 19, 1862, the first of their 10 children arrived, born in Cedar City.

Their fourth child and son, David Alldridge Thorley, born November 8, 1869, is the one we attribute the existence of the old Victorian home that became the family home and showplace for family, friends, and neighbors. Not all of the 10 children were born in Cedar City, however Thomas Thorley and family became an integral part of the Cedar City community. See EXHIBIT A for additional family history.

David Thorley attended Parowan State Academy and Brigham Young University at Provo. Upon completion of high school, young David engaged himself in farming and livestock which he proved himself to be good at. On December 18, 1895, David married Ella Chatterley and had seven children in which Rex died shortly after birth in March 1910. He and Ella were survived by their 4 sons and 2 daughters.
His father, Thomas Thorley, was a member of the first city council of Cedar City. David Thorley was announced a Candidate for Iron County Commission in December 1942, attributed to his civic involved in good road development and improvement of roads, he was instrumental in connecting highways including the Cedar mountain road, privately financed.

David A. Thorley died in early December 1942, at the age of 74 due to a heart attack. He was buried in the Cedar City Cemetery on December 7th of that year. Today the Cedar City cemetery is the resting place of many of the Thorley family. A surrounding hillside has been nicknamed “Thorley Mountain.” It is our belief that the Thorley legacy lives on within our community as well as descendants of those who ventured across the Atlantic and the west to settled in our beautiful and historical city.

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