Read about IronGate in the press and link out to these links:

USA Today Write Up

Salt Lake City Weekly Utah Bed & Breakfast Getaways 

ABC’s At Your Leisure: See the latest video aired on ABC’s At Your Leisure about Cedar City. Skip ahead to 4:11 on the video to see the featured interviews on The Iron Gate Inn and IG Winery.

Cedar City Mayor’s Award

“Be It Known to All – The Iron Gate Inn has been named a member of the Cedar City Purty Dozen for excellence, beauty and taste in the maintenance of an aesthetically pleasing yard.”

Read what other independent writers have said about The 1897 Iron Gate Inn! Here are a couple links to short articles by the authors below!

John Daly:, The Daly Show,  Real TV, House Detective

Linda Lane: Jetsetters’

Top reviews and members of:







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